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Pencils & Common Notes vol. 1

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Pencils & Common Notes is my first booklet. I wrote about talent, trying to give answers to questions: How do you get over the creative block? How long it takes to make a book? How can I improve? How do you find a style?

Two dozen pages in which I tell you some of my experiences. Also, I added advices and working methods.

It's a special pack which includes new Procreate brushes and Photoshop. You can choose your favorite version: Procreate version (with 5 brushes), Photoshop version (with 5 brushes, too) or both!

Suitable for those who:

- For beginners

- For those seeking motivation

- For those feel insecure

- For those seeking different point of view

Booklet includes:

  • Pdf booklet (20 pages - A4)

  • 5 brushes for Photoshop

  • 5 brushes for Procreate

  • 8 black and white psd illustrations

For any more questions feel free to ask or send me an email: or

Thanks for your support! :)

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Pencils & Common Notes vol. 1

3 ratings
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